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Krystian Herba

Name and surname: Krystian Herba

Date of birth: 12th of September 1981

Place of birth: Rzeszów

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 74 kg

Training from: 1995

Hobby: bike’s trial, snowboard, ski, windsurfing, climbing

Krystian Herba is a finalist of the second edition of “I’ve got Talent” program, a man, who conquers the highest buildings in the world by jumping up the stairs. On 17th of March 2013, he broke a Guinness World Record by jumping on his bike up the 2754 stairs on the highest building in China.
He is the one of the most titled polish sportsman, participant and finalist of many world events and fivefold medalist of Polish Championships. As a polish representative in years: 1999 – 2008, he stood over 70 times on the podium during the nationwide and international contests.
His biggest sport’ dream is to conquer on his bike ‘the crown of the land’, which are the highest buildings in the world.
Skyscrapers that he achieved till now:
- 30.01.2012 - Shanghai World Financial Center - Shanghai, China - the highest building in China
                    100 floors, 2754 stairs, time: 1 h 21 min 53 sec. - GUNNESS WORLD RECORD
- 30.01.2012 - Rose Rayhaan by Rotana - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - the highest hotel in the world
                    91 floors, 2040 stairs, time: 1 h 13 min 41 sec. - GUNNESS WORLD RECORD
- 05.11.2011- MesseTurm- Frankfurt, Germany- According to the number of floors the highest building in Europe
                    61 floors, 1212 stairs, time: 27 min 04 sec.
- 16.02.2011- Gran Hotel Bali- Benidorm, Spain- the highest hotel in Europe
                    52 floors, 921 stairs, time: 19 min 27 sec
- 02.10.2010- Millennium Tower- Vienna, Austria- the highest building in Austria
                    48 floors, 818 stairs, time: 18 min 09 sec
- 05.06.2011- Altus- Katowice, Poland
                    46 floors, 908 stairs, time: 23 min 57 sec
- 06.02.2010- InterContinental- Warsaw, Poland- the highest building in Poland according to the number of floors
                    44 floors, 859 stairs, time: 26 min 09 sec
- 26.05.2009- Palace of Culture and Science- Warsaw, Poland- the highest building in Poland
                    30 floors, 785 stairs, time: 19 min 15 sec