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TAIPEI 101 climbed:) 26-03-2015

TAIPEI 101 climbed:)

Krystian Herba broke Guinness World Record in Taipei 101.

On the 22nd of March 2015 polish sportsman reached on his bike 3139 stairs by jumping up in a skyscraper in Taiwan, which is 509 meters high and in the same he set a new Guinness World Record. It took him 2 hours 12 minutes. 

Krystian Herba comes from Rzeszow and he specializes in bike trial. His passion is to jump on his bike in the highest skyscrapers in the world. Climbing on his bike in Tajwan was his 10th such achieviement. Earlier he conquered i.e.  Rose Rayhaan by Rotana in Dubai, Shanghai World Financial Center in China and Eureka Tower in Australia.

Taipei 101 is 509,2 meters high and has 101 stories. By 2010, it held officially awarded title of the highest building in the world. it has been included to the 'Seven Wonders of Engineering' (Discovery Channel) and to the "New Seven Wonders of the World' (Newsweek).

Krystian Herba broke Guinness Record twice: in China and in Australia. His official record set in Australia was 2755 steps. In order to beat this record in Taipei 101, Krystian firstly jumped up 52nd floors (1160 steps), then he went down by elevator so as to start his climbing again from the ground floor till the top. In that way he reached 3139 steps, 143 floors. For the whole time he did not support himself, which was the condition of accepting the record. 

Breaking Guinness World Record met with great interest among Taiwan media. There were 9 TV stations and many journalists from international press agencies. 
3 TV stations emitted the event live via sattelite transmission cars. 

Krystian, daily the teacher of physical education in high school, had been preparing for the challenge for more than half a year. Hewas running couple times a week, training in a gym and jumping on his bike in the 17-stories building in Rzeszow. 

Krystian's bike is probably the lightest bike in the world. It weighs only 6,6 kg. This weight is very important because during breaking Guinness World Record he has to toss his bike almost 2 thousands times. 

" For sure, it was the hardest sport' challenge that I have ever faced with. That's because stairs in Taipei 101 are much higher than those in Poland or Europe. It all comes with high temperature and humidity in the staircase. Nevertheless, the important thing is that I broke Guinness World Record once again".

This record set in Taiwan probably will not last for a long time because Krystian have already announced that he will beat it again in Willis Tower in Chicago this or next year. 

In breaking record Krystian will be accompanied by his wife Natalia, who is also his manager and their lovely little daughter Emily.

Skyscrapers that Krystian achieved till now: 

Palace of Culture and Science- Poland, Warsaw, 26th of May 2009- 785 steps
InterContinental -Poland, Warsaw, 6th of February 2010- 859 steps
Altus - Poland, Katowice, 5th of June 2010- 908 steps
Millennium Tower in Vienna- Austria, 2nd of October 2010- 818 steps
Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm- Spain, 16th of February 2011- 921 steps
MesseTurm in Frankfurt - Germany, 5th of November 2011- 1212 steps
Rose Rayhaan by Rotana in Dubai- UAE, 30th of January 2012 - 2040 steps
Shanghai World Financial Center in China, 17th of March 2013- 2754 steps
Eureka Tower in Melbourne, Australia-  4th of February 2014- 2919 steps
Taipei 101 in Taiwan- 22nd of March 2015- 3139 steps


Under this address http://ftp.krystianherba.net/ you can find photos and videos from the event and from trainings. You can download them and use them for free. The author of those material is Piotr Kłeczek. 


Best regards
Natalia Herba
Event Manager