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The Offer- bike’s show

Bike’s acrobatic shows performed by Krystian Herba- contestant ‘I’ve Got Talent’ program, is an incredible spectacle that causes particular emotions and visual effects. 

That kind of show can be very impressive part of a program of many different mass, business, promotional, cultural and sport events, picnics and others that not only are organized in an open space but also in closed ones- disco clubs, sport halls, shopping centers etc. 

Krystian Herba has the biggest mobile track in Europe together with the sounding and barriers that are necessary for protecting show’s area. The whole thing constitutes an attractive advertising space.

His shows can be conducted in every place and almost in all weather conditions, with natural or artificial lighting. 

Many years of experience, excellent contact with the audience, abilities confirmed by contests’ results from Poland and from abroad and around 500 performances throughout Poland put his shows on world’s level and they remain for a long time in memory of viewers. 

After the show ended, Krystian is always available for the audience and everyone willing to receive poster can easily get it. 

On his account Krystian has shows for the companies such as: Coca Cola, Snickers, Red Bull, Jacobs, Kubuś, Kropla Beskidu, RMF FM, Prince Polo, Marma Polskie Folie and many city councils, advertising agencies etc. throughout the while Poland. 

He also took part in recordings of television programs emitted by TVN, TVP1, TVP2, TVP3, TVN turbo, POLSAT, TV4, Extreme Sport Chanel and others. Thanks to the participation in ‘I’ve Got Talent’ program and stunts entitled ‘Entry to Palace of Science and Culture in Warsaw by bicycle’ and ‘Entry to InterContinental in Warsaw by bicycle’, which were emitted by the biggest all-Polish media, Krystian became a famous person in the whole country.

I invite You to cooperate.

Natalia Przystaś
event manager
e-mail: natalia.przystas@gmail.com
mobile phone: +48 608 658 690


Kystian Herba DEMO movie

Mam talent - final


Krystian Herba show 4.07.2010


Krystian Herba - indoor show